2008: Forty Books

I read a lot, mostly non-fiction.  Last year I wondered how much.  I began keeping a list of all the books I read.   Over the course of the year, I read forty books.  Normally, it is easy to forget what you learned from the books you read, but just having the titles in front of me brings to mind the nuggets of knowledge found between the covers of each of these books.

Forty books may seem like a small number to a lot of people.  But in the end, it isn’t the number of books that I value, but what I learn from them.  As I have time, I’ll share my thoughts on those 40, plus any new books I’m reading, for anyone who cares to find them.

The best of the bunch?  That is hard to say.  But a series that has really intrigued me is Harper Perennials Best American Science Writing, last year edited by Sylvia Nasar and Jesse Cohen.  (ISBN: o0061340413)  This series delivers as advertised the best plain language science writing on a wide range of topics.  Some articles focus on controversial topics of the day, such as the debate over intelligent design, while others illuminate new discoveries in science or the nature of the scientific process.  Of course, the choice of “best” is subjective, but I’ve yet to run across an article in this series that I would leave out.


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