AutoIT3: Another Tool for Your Toolbox

Computer languages, particularly scripting languages, have been part of my IT toolbox for a long time.  Working mostly with DOS and Windows based platforms, the good old batch file has been a trusty and reliable glue tool to get things done.  But, PERL, VBScript, and a few other tools hang out in the toolbox, waiting for the right time for use. 

And it is always nice to discover a new tool.  Ok, new to me.  AutoIT3 is a programming language to help system programmers automate tasks.  AutoIT3’s has some handy features to glue applications together, or just get something than done that your boss “knows” is easy, but really isn’t. 

On the plus side, you can capture and record keystrokes and mouseclicks.  Yes, it is a kludge, but if you can’t get something done any other way, why not try it?   And, because AutoIT3 scripts compile to standalone .exe files, you can capture a complex series of keystrokes, compile them, and hand the compile sequence to a junior admin for use. 

But, the downside is the language is very much a procedural language.  If you are familiar with any type of object-oriented language, you’ll cringe at the way AutoIT3 works.  On the other hand, procedural code is simple to write and deploy for small tasks.  

Bottom-line, you wouldn’t want to build a complete application with AutoIT3, but keep it in your toolbox for those quick and dirty tasks that will make you look like the IT hero you are.


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