Good Reads

I’ve added a small section for book lists up top, including links to other bibliophile sites, and lists of books I’ve read lately, organized by year.  I’ve limited the list of links to just, because there are a lot of bibliophiles with blogs, and it seemed like a reasonable way to prune the list.

A list of books a person has read is like a window into a person’s mind.  Well, at least if they have been paying attention.  Keeping track of the books I’ve read is a way to be a little more of an attentive reader.   When I hear people talk about a life changing book, I feel like I’ve been missing something, mostly the attentiveness to really get something out of a book.  I hope to change that, or maybe I just haven’t found the right book.  If you have suggestions, please let me know.

The book lists I’ve added on this site were HTML-ized using a simple little script I wrote to save me from typing a lot of angle brackets. doesn’t seem to have useful support for tables, and sometimes they are just the right tool for the job.  I’ll be saying more about the little script when I have time.


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