Enloe for Mayor

My colleague and friend Mark Enloe recently threw his hat in the ring for mayor of Raleigh.  Jumping into politics is a bold move, and I have tremendous respect for anyone who ever runs for public office, even if I disagree with his or her views.

I live in Carrboro, on the West side of the Triangle, as this area is known.  As a Triangle resident, I’ve followed Charles Meeker’s mayoral career.  I don’t think he has been a bad mayor, but there have been some key missteps on his part over the years that have adversely affected Raleigh.  More importantly, he has missed opportunities to take Raleigh, and by extension the Triangle, in bold new directions.   For Meeker to be rewarded by this lackluster performance by having an unopposed run for a fifth term seems, well, un-American.

I’ve known Mark for a number of years, as a colleague at work.  He is a North Carolinian through and through, a graduate of N.C. State, an environmentalist (although he might not use that term) and has a very good understanding of technology.  All of these traits combine to make him a great candidate for our times, when North Carolina is poised to be a regional leader in the new, green economy espoused by Barack Obama. 

I’m glad Mark has taken a courageous step into Raleigh’s mayoral race, to challenge Meeker’s hop-scotch back into office.   Mark says that he aims to unseat Meeker.  Perhaps that is an unlikely outcome, but even if he only helps shape the debate, that is good news for a healthy democracy.


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