Enloe to Chamber: Take a Mulligan

Besides being adept at SQL queries, Mark Enloe has built a reputation for telling it like it is around my office. So it comes as no surprise that his quixotic bid for Mayor of Raleigh has managed to ruffle a few feathers, as David Bracken reports in his WakeWatch blog with the  News and Observer.

The Raleigh Chamber of Commerce had no intention of causing a stir by extending an invitation to their retreat in Pinehurst to Raleigh’s mayoral candidates.   Candidate Enloe declined the invitation, as he noted in his blog, because it didn’t seem right for Raleigh’s movers and shakers to meet for a planning retreat in Pinehurst.  Not to slight Pinehurst, but these retreats do generate a certain amount of economic activity, and Raleigh needs that now as much as any city.

The Chamber’s spokesperson contends that meeting in Raleigh would be a distraction.  By getting out of Raleigh, Chamber execs will be away from normal routines and interruptions, an argument that seems a little thin.   Are we to believe that these business executives will be leaving their cell phones and Blackberries at home for the retreat?   Are we to believe that they won’t be checking their e-mail?

There are plenty of good reasons to conduct the business of Raleigh in Raleigh.  As Mr. Bracken notes, there is only one good reason to conduct Raleigh’s business in Pinehurst: golf.  The Chamber ought to  take a Mulligan on this one, and reconsider its traditions.  If not this year, then in the future the planning retreat should be held in Raleigh.


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