2009 Year-End Book Lists

In a previous post, I noted Maureen Corrigan’s Best Books of 2009.   Here are some more year-end book recommendations I’ve ran across in the last few days:

  1. NPR Books: NPR has Best Book lists from a number of their correspondents, including the aforementioned Ms. Corrigan.
  2. New York Times:  The New York Times, always known for their literary coverage, provides a nice year-end list.  Look for the 100 Best Books list, as well.
  3. Quill & Quire:  Known as the “magazine of the Canadian book trade.” Q&Q provides a different perspective from north of the 49th parallel.
  4. Library Journal:  LJ’s list of the best books of 2009 for genre fiction.
  5. Amazon:  Best book or best profit margin for Bezos & Co.?  Hard to say, yet still worth a look.
  6. The Atlantic Monthly:  The Atlantic best-of list, compiled by Benjamin Schwarz.
  7. Christian Science Monitor:  Remarkably short on any medical titles (wonder why?), the CS Monitor provides a reasonable list of good non-fiction reads.
  8. Publishers Weekly: The mainstream take, from the book industrial complex.
  9. Slate: Always a web favorite, practically since there was anything worth reading on the web.
  10. London Times: The best from across the pond.

Far from comprehensive, I’m sure, but hopefully this list-of-lists will be good food for thought and help you catch up on what you should have read instead of that trashy Jackie Collins novel.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Jackie Collins; there is a time and place for her books, I’m sure.  I just haven’t been there yet.


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