A Sad Day

Today I learned that my aunt died at ninety years old.   She was a wonderful person, who grew up in occupied Holland during the Second World War.  She spoke very little English, except the most important words to share with another person:  I love you.  She always remembered birthdays and holidays, sending cards well into her eighties, with increasing difficulty as she slowly lost her eyesight to macular degeneration.   As she aged, she would say less and less in her cards, but always ending with “I love you.”  Those were the only words that mattered, anyway.

There was very little of substance that we could ever talk about, as I knew no Dutch, and she knew little English.  Yet, we had a deep connection.  In my saddest times, to get a card from her with those three lovely words on it meant more than anything anyone else could say.  Those three words have incredible power to heal the human heart.

She was as a gentle soul, with a kind heart, boundless love, and compassion.   The world needs more loving spirits like her.  I will miss her.  I love you.


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2 Responses to A Sad Day

  1. bookjunkie says:

    your post about your sweet aunt reminded me of my late grandma who also passed away at 94. She spoke a language I was rusty in so we hardly communicated, but I still miss her warm hugs and just her presence. She was the glue in our family and we only realized it when she was gone.

    your aunt sounds like a beautiful, lovely woman and I can feel the special connection you had from your words.

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