Time Flies, but Am I Having Fun?

as time flies by

Time Flies!
Image by sunside via Flickr

Old joke:  Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana. Dumb, yes.  Funny, yes.

And time is flying fast towards the end of the year.  So many events have piled up that I can barely fit them all in.  From October until now my wife and I have celebrated our anniversary, her birthday, Halloween, and my daughter’s birthday.   We flew to Arizona for my father-in-law’s wedding.  Carol went to a conference, and the day after she returned I attended KMWorld in Washington, DC.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas not far behind.  We are trying to rent a beach house for a little post-Christmas-pre-New-Year vacation.  Work? don’t even ask!

Does this happen to everyone?  Does the year seem to creep along and then speed up at the end?  If I make it past Christmas, I am so looking forward to a week at the beach.


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