A Dubious Achievement: Redi-Quiche Redux

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My bronze medal.

I was trolling through some search results on this blog, and noticed that a lot of searches were for quiche.  Weird, I thought.  So, in a bit of navel gazing of blog-o-spheric proportion, I searched for Redi-Quiche on Google.  Lo , my silly blog post was the third highest search result, in bronze medal position.  When I search today, it is in fifth, still in the top ten!  Without even trying!  Which means there haven’t been many people blogging about this ridiculous waste of freezer space.

Not to be too high-minded about it, I just note this product as an example of our country’s blithe acceptance of whatever crappy, ill-conceived packaged food product comes on the market.  Most people want good, nutritious food.  Fortunately, many retailers are becoming aware of this and stocking more organic, whole foods.  At the same time, there is a countervailing trend of more and more ridiculous packaged products cluttering store shelves.  Certainly our lives are busy and some packaged foods are time savers.  But, as an example, I’ve rarely – certainly not recently – made brownies from a box, because there really isn’t that much time saved.   I can’t say I always practice what I preach on this score, but I know I get points for usually trying.

Please, do you and your family a favor:  don’t buy Redi-Quiche! Get some farm fresh eggs, crack them open and make a real manly quiche from scratch.   Try it with broccoli, or sausage, or artichoke hearts.  Share your recipes, do it yourself, and just skip this dumb product.

I’d love to hear your recipes, and if you run across any other dumb food products spread the word: we don’t want more dumb food!


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