Every time I re-opened this blog, I found myself a little embarrassed, to look at old content and an old look.  My knee-jerk reaction was to close the site, and look away from my apathy and lack of ambition.

But I’ve been wanting to say some things, to use my free speech rights at a crucial time for my country.  At the time of this writing, of course, Donald Trump is President, a horrible step backward for this country and progress for our planet.  But Trump is only part of the problem.  My voice may be small, but that doesn’t mean it should be silent.

After too many dumb arguments on Facebook, too many jaw-dropping moments while reading the news, and too many nights of lost sleep, I write, in hopes someone will engage with my ideas and see a better way forward.  My voice is still tiny, but I feel it is better to talk than not.


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I eat, sleep, play guitar...but wait, there's more!
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