Flat? Wrong!

Oh, the irony.

Few places in the United States are more attuned to science than the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area, collectively known as the Research Triangle.   In 2014, Forbes ranked the Research Triangle as the second most-educated metropolitan areas in the U.S.  Three top-tier research universities – Duke, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and N.C. State – are located in the Triangle, as well as a handful of other smaller colleges and universities.  The major employers (SAS, Lenovo, Glaxo-SmithKline, CREE, Red Hat) in the area thrive off the science-focused talents of the community. Tech and pharma startups abound, and major medical and public health research organizations are headquartered in the area.

In short, the Triangle as a whole does not suffer fools and charlatans.

Which leads me to wonder why the Flat Earth International Conference decided that the right place to convene is Cary, NC?  The Raleigh News & Observer reported on the upcoming conference in the Monday morning edition, which almost caused a spit take of orange juice into my cereal bowl.

And the conference is sold out!  Who is attending this farce?  $149 to attend!

The conference claims two sponsors, one called Celebrate Truth with the stated mission to “promote God’s Truth and expose the world’s lies.”  These lies are inspired by Satan, or so they claim.  They have a DVD for sale.

The other sponsor seems slightly more grounded, the Gordon Rocket Company that sells an L shaped wood stove that looks appropriate for cooking and keeping warm when stranded at the ice wall at the edge of the flat earth.










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