Treat or Deceit?

Every year around Halloween, I am always stunned at the variety of choices for Halloween candy available.  I tend to purchase something with an assortment of chocolate miniatures, perhaps some Tootsie Rolls.  Bubblegum, Nerds, Smarties and other “bottom-shelf” candies are good choices too.  The bottom-shelf treats are usually less expensive, and I suppose their manifest inferiority makes the better stuff seem a little more delightful.

And then there is Candy Corn.  It is a timeless, all-American candy.  I can eat it by the handful.   Never at the top of the list when it comes to Halloween candy,  but never at the bottom either.  According to the Wikipedia entry for candy corn, American’s consume twenty-million pounds of the orange, yellow, and white morsels every year, if we assume all the sold candy is eaten.  But based on some unscientific polling among friends, there is no consensus view on these sugar-and-wax confections, either you love them or hate them.  My hunch is about a few billion corn pyramids head straight for the trash.

As I said, I am good with Candy Corn, a chewy, sugary delight with the flavor of…candy corn.  Some may disagree, but to me, Candy Corn is part of the essence of Halloween.  Then there are Smarties.  I like them, but they are chalky and weirdly flavored.  But they are better than NECCO wafers, though, which are also chalky, and even taste even stranger.  There are plenty of other candies that deserve to be banished from Halloween treat bowls.  Mary Jane’s, Squirrel Nut Zippers (good band, band candy), Good & Plenty, Mounds and Almond Joy, anything with coconut and chocolate.

How about you?  What are your least favorite Halloween candies, the ones that you once believed were a treat, only to discover their deceit?


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3 Responses to Treat or Deceit?

  1. I’m up in Canada, so our Smarties are different. What you call Smarties, we call rockets, and I would definitely agree on the deceit aspect wit those.

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