An Open Letter to WordPress


Image of WordPress content block.

Is this really necessary?

Congratulations! You have been an ardent facilitator of free speech on the internet.  Your platform works well, your customer support is superb, and you have many successes to your credit.  I love you, but…

I agree with your stance on Net Neutrality.  The internet should be open, and no corporation or government should have the right to determine what you and I get to see.  But until I just told you that, did you really know?  Your support team has always been friendly to me, but we have never discussed politics.

Please, must you annoy the few people who try to read my blog?  Why are you blocking my content just to make a point?  In essence, even if I don’t agree with you, I am serving as a conduit for your message.  As it happens, I agree with you, but that is just luck.

How about this deal?  I’ll add a link to my page to the BattleForTheNet on my blog because I agree with you.   But I’ll do it on my terms, instead of having it pushed on my readers.  See the link up there at the top of the page?  In return, you will remove the offending content blocker you’ve foisted on myself and my readers.  Sound like a deal?

Your customer and friend
Chris van Hasselt


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