The Longest Night

Last night was this Winter’s Solstice, the longest night of the year.  A very dark night after what was, to me, a very dark year.  I am hoping that as the days get longer some of the darkness in our country and in the world lifts.

The reeking spirit of hatred, against blacks, immigrants, Muslims, and women are something that I have rarely seen in my adult life, at least at the intensity in the air today. The waves of moral progress I have seen build over my lifetime seem to have come crashing to a halt, and the real possibility of retrenchment of civil rights issues seems more likely today.

It is easy to point to our President and cast blame, but smarter people than me have pointed out that Trump is a symptom, not a cause.  The intellectual and spiritual rot on America’s political right has festered for decades.  It was only a matter of time before the decay became a grotesque infection, if not under Trump’s leadership, then someone else would have picked up the torch.

I have some hope that after this long night, 2018 will bring some needed change in my country.  But it is a slim hope.  Racism, xenophobia, homophobia – they are all part of the same learned fear of the other that has divided humanity from ancient times to the present.


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