Waitress: The Life of Pie

Last weekend I saw a touring company production of Waitress, Sara Bareilles lively musical about a working-class woman at a particular moment in her life when circumstances force her to make serious choices.

I am not a theatre critic.  I have seen a handful of live musicals, and a few more musicals adapted for film, leaving no basis to analyze and dissect a performance as a critic might.  My propensity to gush over the latest thing I have seen is strong as I don’t really see all that many performances.

My general take on musicals is that they have preposterous plots, with just enough storyline to hang a few catchy tunes on.  The Music Man, Chicago, Mamma Mia – all thin plots with peppy music and enthralling dance numbers.

Waitress was different.  The story was real, a story of a group of working women in struggles that could be pulled from the headlines.  Yes, it is just story, but so much more relatable than other musicals.  The music was fantastic, and…it makes you want a slice of pie.


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